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3M certificate

3M is one of the major world manufacturers of foils for the advertising industry. The company is a leader in innovation, research and production of specialized foils for carwrapping.

The introduction of the brand in Bulgaria and its recognition as a sign of quality is a process that itself creates the need to train highly qualified and skilled specialists to work with these materials. In spring of 2012 in Sofia the first selection for training of highly qualified personnel working with carwrapping foils took place. The official importer of 3M for Bulgaria – Partners Ltd selected a small group of employees having vast experience and knowledge about 3M foils. The manufacturer provided a technical instructor. According to the results of the individual theoretical and practical exams each participant was rewarded a certificate for the respective level of skills to work with these foils.

The staff possesses the highest in the world proficiency of 3M installers endorsement – „4-Star Vehicle Graphics Installer“.