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3M Certificate

3M is one of the major world manufacturers of foils for the advertising industry. The company is a leader in innovation, research and production of specialized foils for carwrapping.

The introduction of the brand in Bulgaria and its recognition as a sign of quality is a process that itself creates the need to train highly qualified and skilled specialists to work with these materials. In spring of 2012 in Sofia the first selection for training of highly qualified personnel working with carwrapping foils took place. The official importer of 3M for Bulgaria – Partners Ltd selected a small group of employees having vast experience and knowledge about 3M foils. The manufacturer provided a technical instructor. According to the results of the individual theoretical and practical exams each participant was rewarded a certificate for the respective level of skills to work with these foils.

The staff possesses the highest in the world proficiency 4-star certificate for foil carwrapping.

About Us is created to fulfill the needs of the contemporary dynamic business environment. The individual style is a prerequisite that everyone has to possess in order to be noticed and remembered. That is important for your business as well as for your daily activities.

The integral corporate automobiles branding is an effective and desirable marketing solution in the well-developed European countries as well as across creative America. Our vast activity in Scandinavian region proves that. Many huge forwarding companies in Norway and Sweden trusted our skills in order to implement their marketing strategies to highlight their special visual identity. For two years we have fully branded and put corporate signs on more than 600 automobiles, vans and trucks.

The creative designs of your personal vehicles are the most interesting and entertaining part of our activity. The appearance of your automobile can express your character, interests and way of life. Impressed by the design of your automobile everyone will be interested in you and will want to be just like you… Take the credit and make your vehicle the most interesting part of your day-to-day life!

We use only high-quality materials for our projects and we do not make compromises. Because quality is important for us!

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